Welcome to Miss Trans Star International 2021

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    Important note: Attach a studio / book photograph and a photo of the DNI / NIE / PASSPORT. The maximum size of these files are 250Kb, but it could be that the form was not sent by the weight of the files.

    MISS TRANSSTAR INTERNATIONALhelp fight abuses of transgender rights such as prejudice and discrimination in our society. We want to transmit a new, positive image of the transsexuals like any other human beings. This pageant has a great impact on the candidate with a huge international promotion. The title of MISS TRANSSTAR INTERNATIONAL is a great price to represent all the collective transsexual internationally in any media source national or international.

    If you would like to live this experience and be part of the next edition of MISS TRANSSTAR INTERNATIONAL 2021, don’t think twice! Send us your profile and your pictures, just fill in the formulary below. If you are selected, we will contact you asap. Good luck.


    • The election of the MISS TRANSSTAR INTERNATIONAL is based in beauty, elegance, congeniality, charisma and especially social work.
    • MISS TRANSSTAR INTERNATIONAL will celebrate in September 2021.
    • The candidates must be over 18 years old.
    • Transvestites and transsexuals can participate with or without sexual reassignment.
    • The candidates have to commit to the rules during the pageant.
    • The candidates have to assist for 4 whole days before the event including a promotion program, meetings, tours, rehearsals, pre-events, dinner and other activities.
    • All the candidates have to complete the online formulary and add a picture and a passport/ID photo copy. All the contacts and following information will be sent by e-mail..
    • The formulary has to be complete and sent before the deadline.
    • All candidates have to be official citizen of the of country that would represent.
    • The candidates would be selected by the Miss Trans Star International.
    • The Casting Team won’t select the candidates of the countries that have some deal with the organizaction.
    • If you accept all of the requirements, please don’t waste your time and send us your info as soon as you can, because this year we have a new format of inscription and selection and we have started.
    • Good Luck!